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Blunt Blowin' Mama

Oct 26, 2023

Sabrina is the California mom of two behind the popular Instagram account @Wholetmebeamom where she shares what it's like being a Latina cannamom married to her best friend. She joins the podcast to get real on her life as a stay at home mom who smokes weed. The cannamom influencer also reveals that she's been smoking weed since she was a teen, so it's always been part of her life. She also shares that her dad smoked weed (and sold it -- he was kinda big deal). His openness about his smoking cannabis gave her confidence to know that good parents can smoke weed. We also get into what it's like being married to a man who doesn't smoke weed -- spoiler alert: it's great, Sabrina says there's more weed for her! We also chat about weed's role during her postpartum healing and spark up for a lil sesh, too. Roll up and enjoy :).

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