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Blunt Blowin' Mama

Dec 31, 2020

This week Blunt Blowin’ Mama chats with the one of the funniest cannabis content creators on the gram. Tiffany is a former mental health professional who rediscovered herself after leaving her toxic job toward the start of the pandemic.


She is a multi talented, self taught makeup artist who decided to pursue her passion full time after receiving a positive response on IG to a look she created.  Her ability to generate income from her page came as a happy surprise after a well known IG cannabis influencer featured one of her looks. That is when she decided to focus on full time content creation. Tiffany uses her naturally vivacious energy to connect with others and help them navigate the world of cannabis. Her mental health degree helps her remain level headed and ready to help out.


Tiffany talks about her goal to get her bread and create multiple streams of income. When the pandemic hit it also unfortunately left her husband without work, so the need to find alternative ways to earn a living was heavy her mind. She believes in honest content creation where she can be genuine and not take any shit but also help those who follow her, feel love and a sense of community.