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Blunt Blowin' Mama

Apr 29, 2021

The Real Mom Stories series continues with MiMi's story. This 35 year old mom of three lives in a state where recreational weed isn't legal. Despite the absence of dispensaries available for her to browse at this millennial mom considers herself lucky as she found a reliable weed guy, who also has good customer service! MiMi has three children and experienced complications during each of her pregnancies/births. MiMi didn’t even consider using cannabis to manage her pain. It was challenging for this mom to find reliable references for her questions about weed and breastfeeding. Mimi found herself ‘pumping and dumping’ because she didn’t know the effects, if any that weed would have on her babies. After her last child Mimi decided she felt comfortable enough to breastfeed while she still consumed cannabis without guilt. Check out the full episode now!