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Blunt Blowin' Mama

Feb 25, 2021

Nicole and Mack have quite the love story. They first met at a post office in Chicago while they were In College. They connected immediately and found themselves deep in conversation, from that point on they were in sync with each other. Nicole was a heavy weed smoker in college and had an impressive toke set up. This made Mac even more drawn to her, she was chill, beautiful, and loved weed. They dated for a while but broke up when Nicole decided that she wanted to move back home to LA. Fast forward several years and they reconnected when Nicole was on assignment in San Francisco, she reached out to Mack to see if they could grab tacos. The energy was magical and the couple soon realized that even after all of the years apart, they still had so much in common. Nicole and Mack share how weed positively impacts their relationship. They also discuss their rituals and how they use weed when it comes to intimacy.